At VRAI GARÇON we want to be more than a brand: we want to be a movement and an impetus that brings people together and unites them around shared values. We are for everyone: men, women, young people and the young at heart! Humility, Respect, Togetherness, Drive, Determination, Strength, Confidence and Conviction are our brand values.

The VRAI GARÇON brand doesn’t see gender or age. It belongs to everyone! VRAI GARÇON is the brand for those who are proud of the values they carry deeply within. Confident, strong, brave and humble too.

The VRAI GARÇON style will suit both the practice of a sporting activity as well as attending an event or even in a more refined environment. A style with strong character that meets the demands of each person who masters their attitude, measures their gestures, cares about their health and pays particular attention to their general appearance!

VRAI GARÇON was the dream of a little boy. A little boy in Iran in 1994, when I was 10 years old. The country had just come out of the war, the atmosphere was hostile. Yet, my father was slaving away in his workshop, taking no notice of how many hours he worked or how exhausted he felt. He was a trained tailor.

In a very challenging environment, he cut, glued, assembled, measured and traced, starting and restarting with tenacity. His drive seemed unstoppable. His skills were impressive. Miles of thread and endless different pieces of fabric carpeted the floor.

Sat in a corner of this workshop, I watched my father with admiration and promised myself that one day, I would create a clothing brand that would reflect all the values that inhabited him and that he brought me up with!

This is his story and what VRAI GARÇON is all about.